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  •   The fastest way to position yourself as an INFLUENCER… even if you have no time, experience, or camera equipment! Page 71.
  •  Can you really make blogging a viable income option in the next 90 days? Page 17. 
  •  What brands are ACTUALLY looking for in a blogger. And how to get them knocking at your door to collaborate with you on page 11.
  •  How to stop worrying about Instagram “algorithm” updates, FOR GOOD.Page 9. 
  •  The only way to make any money is by having a huge following, right? WRONG! Shocking test results on page 17. 
  •  The best way to brainstorm hot ideas for blog posts, every single time. Solving the “What Do I Blog About?” problem on page 51. 
  •  Steal-this-headline swipe file to get THE MOST clicks from social media on page 57. 
  •  The ONE major transition that has made making money as a blogger and influencer… EASIER, FASTER AND BETTER THAN EVER! Page 8. 
  •  The surprising truth behind bloggers who “make it” … and those that don’t. Page 12.

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